Court Reporting

Court Reporting Services

Our Certified Court Reporters (CCRs), Certified Real-Time Reporters (CRR) and Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS) are professional and highly skilled. We take pride in  providing our clients with the most accurate transcripts. We combine 35 years of experience with the latest, cutting edge court-reporting technology to provide superior litigation support to all of our clients.

We’ve created this guide to help you gain a better understanding of our services and how they can help your legal team achieve better outcomes for your clients.

Real-Time Court Reporting

Our real-time court reporting services provide the most relevant testimony available. Our stenographers record every word  verbatim, using short hand. Our state-of-the-art computer-aided transcription (CAT) software immediately translates the shorthand into fully readable text as the stenographer types.

In the past, a stenographer would simply make shorthand notes during a deposition or  court proceeding. Additional time was required for the shorthand to be translated into a readable transcript, costing  attorney’s valuable time in  preparing for trial and making it difficult to use transcripts to inform subsequent depositions.

An attorney of the past would also have to re-read most of a transcript to gather salient points. By contrast, an electronic copy of a real-time transcript is searchable, generating answers at the touch of a button. This makes it easy to, say, compare conflicting testimonies or lift out the most salient facts far more efficiently. Attorneys can also review testimony as it happens, which makes it easy to catch issues and ask important follow-up questions which might otherwise have been missed.

Streaming Real Time

Streaming real-time reporting takes real time reporting a step further. Your entire legal team can participate in a deposition, no matter where they happen to be in the world. In fact, you may be able to eliminate any and all travel expenses with depositions for the foreseeable future simply by taking advantage of these services on a regular basis.

Real-time streaming combines the instant transcript with video and audio feeds for all participants. Each attorney may review  spoken word verbatim.  Although the transcript can be accessed later,  accurate copies are available  immediately after the streaming session is complete.

Our office uses Live Note Stream and Live Deposition software. The Live Deposition platform offers a number of helpful features to support the discovery process. These features include tablet and smart phone integration for team members who are unable to sit at a PC during the session. The software also includes a secure, private group chat feature which means all  parties can share insights and ask questions without the witness being privy to these discussions.

During the proceedings, each deposition participant may be heard and seen on a live video feed. The transcript scrolls either beneath the participants or off to the side of the screen.

Live Deposition even includes an exhibit-sharing feature. This allows attorneys to upload photos or videos while providing clickable links to these uploads which may then be accessed at any point during the process. This also allows the team to reference any exhibit as it is being discussed, saving additional time and eliminating potential points of confusion.

Rough Drafts

The real-time reporting process allows our stenographers to produce more accurate transcripts in less time. This means rough drafts are far more useful, so we go ahead and allow your team to access them the moment the session is complete. (not really sure what the point of this is?) However, our stenographers will then take the time to review and correct the draft, completing a finalized, perfect copy shortly after the session is done.

Our most experienced stenographers tend to make quick corrections while attorneys are making notes or sharing chat sessions—that is, between any questions or answers posed to the witness. Our “rough drafts” are thus near-perfect records of the testimony that has taken place. After all, some of our CRRs have been on the job for over 30 years, and we only hire the most skilled transcriptionists we can find.

CRR standards require a Certified Real Time Reporter  take notes at 200 wpm and at 96% accuracy. This proficiency must be demonstrated before any CRR would be allowed anywhere near a deposition. The experience we demand tends to take care of the rest. The software understands the shorthand perfectly in most cases, and its interpretation rarely needs to be corrected. However, we never rely solely on any of this—we take the time to check each and every transcript before finalizing it.

Expedited and Electronic Transcripts

As mentioned, all of our clients walk out of their proceedings with a clean, near-perfect copy of their transcript which is available to them instantly and electronically. However, perfected copies are available quickly (or immediately), usually within about 24 hours.

You can access any of your documents and videos on the online reporting portal we set up for you whenever you take advantage of our services. This repository is secured with the very best cybersecurity measures money can buy. You can even bring up recordings of your streaming real-time session or video deposition, allowing you to review reactions and facial expressions which can provide greater insight into the true nature of a witness’ statements.

This access is free, and it’s the most powerful way to keep tabs on every aspect of your case, without the hassle of chasing down, storing or lugging around paper copies. You can literally pull up everything you need from your smart phone, tablet, or laptop while you’re eating lunch, sitting in an airport waiting room or working from home.

Simply put, these are litigation support services at their very finest.

And if you happen to need a physical copy sent somewhere as soon as possible  –  We know electronic copies won’t always cut it. We use trustworthy couriers to make sure that the transcript is delivered to the appropriate hands,  promptly and discreetly. Our experience with high-level litigation proceedings give us an advantage in understanding exactly how to handle each document safely, giving every transcript the care and concern it deserves.

Deposition Digests

Need a deposition summary? We provide them in” page-and-line” format or any other format you prefer. These summaries offer easy and quick access in referencing the most relevant facts in any case.

Though judges or other authorities never require you to produce a deposition summary they are nevertheless an outstanding tool, especially if you’re going to be viewing transcripts offline. They’re even helpful when you’re dealing with online transcripts, since they offer a roadmap for what can and should be searched when you’re reviewing documents later, rather than forcing you to rely on your memory.

Some court reporting companies do not offer this service and will refer you to other providers instead. Olender Reporting, however,  offers this service right in-house. We pride in  our ability to offer every tool and technique possible in supporting your case. Proffering deposition digests is just another way we do that.

Complimentary Conference Rooms

Need a place to conduct a deposition or a secure board meeting? Ask us about our complimentary conference rooms. Traveling is much more pleasant, knowing you  can avoid the additional expense and hassle of renting a hotel conference room,  or  locating a business center or other venue.  The assurance of having the appropriate equipment available is much more advantageous.

Our conference rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture and state-of-the-art video equipment that is  prepared to integrate with Live Deposition, Live Note Stream, and our CAT software. Each room is private, which means meetings may proceed with an appropriate level of discretion.

Most of our offices are located within reasonable proximity of  a city’s major airport or travel hub  making it convenient for all parties to  attend their meetings

Our complimentary conference rooms are available along with our court reporting and videography services by emailing: to get started.