Online Services

We provide our clients 24/7 access to their transcripts, documents and videos through our secure, easy-to-use online repository.

Olender Reporting offers an array of complimentary online services to provide you with the best litigation support. Our clients can easily access their documents and videos, schedule depositions and track invoices.

We understand our clients’ need to have ready access to their important case material around the clock. We offer a secure online repository containing transcripts, exhibits, errata sheets, court documents and videos accessible by authorized users. Documents are scanned using the latest digital technology and uploaded for simple and fast review and retrieval. Our online repository provides you with search capabilities for text searching across multiple documents using combined field and text criteria. Our repository allows you to create folders and sub-folders to aid in better managing and organizing your material. With our easy-to-use technology, you can download and print your material anytime and anywhere without having to travel to access information.

Security of your case material is of utmost concern at Olender Reporting. Our online repository uses the highest level of online security, encrypting your material and enforcing multiple password protection safeguards. We directly control the storage and management of your confidential information, giving you the confidence that your material is always secure.

We offer online scheduling and an online calendar to view your scheduled depositions. This streamlined process allows you to schedule any of our services at your convenience, with same-day email confirmation. Your online calendar shows scheduled, canceled, and completed depositions. Our clients can also easily view their billing information and invoices sorted by deposition or case.