The Video Depo Room – The Superior Deposition Solution


Olender Reporting has created a state of the art Video Deposition Room. The newest litigation support technologies and video services are built into the room.   Through it you can take video depositions from your office, conference room or in person at the VDR. Walk away from your next videotaped, video streaming or video conference deposition with a copy of your video for $1.00/page of the transcript!  Scheduling is easy, billing is simplified and the service is superior.

In addition to videotaping proceedings the dedicated VDR provides a turn-key location from which the proceedings can be distributed in real-time, securely, to remote locations worldwide.  All it takes is an internet connection.  The new Video Depo Room is centrally located in the heart of Washington, D.C.

The VDR delivers superior work product with cost and time saving technologies

  • Only $1.00/page.* with no hidden costs.
  • Videoconferencing at no additional charge
  • Includes HD web conferencing services
  • Multi-point connections at no additional charge


  • Onsite video streaming, video conferencing and video production
  • Multi-screen displays for simultaneous video and document presentation

Leverage the Power of the Cloud

  • Meet in the cloud with our remote video deposition services
  • Invite experts and colleagues to attend and participate remotely
  • Communicate with team members anywhere in the world
  • Encrypted chat rooms ensure secure communication with team members regardless of location


We are pleased to announce that we have opened our West Palm Beach, Florida. We are opening a Video Depo Room in your town soon!