Baltimore Court Reporter

Schedule your Baltimore Court Reporter with Olender Reporting, Inc.! Did you get hit by that wicked Northeast blizzard this week? Don’t worry because Olender Reporting, Inc. can still provide you with an excellent Baltimore court reporter today or whenever your next deposition or arbitration is in Baltimore Maryland. We have been providing great services to our clients for over 35 years in Baltimore and around the world. Many attorneys were deeply impacted by the recent blizzard that hit Boston and other North Eastern states. They were hit with a tremendous amount of snow the last couple of days. Luckily Baltimore was spared and our court reporters in Baltimore were able to make all of their scheduled matters timely. Some depositions that involved attorneys in New York and Boston required some trouble shooting since their travels were suspended. We had a Baltimore court reporter that is on our staff set up web conferencing so that the attorneys that could not make the trip could still appear remotely. We were even able to tie in their video conferencing systems into the call. Many attorneys in Baltimore were still tasked with traveling in the frigid weather to get to their depositions and arbitrations in Baltimore. There is supposed to be more snow falling later this week so we are all hoping that it continues to miss Baltimore. If it does in fact hit us, we will still do everything in our power to provide you with a great Baltimore court reporter.




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