Washington DC Court Reporters

Washington DC court reporters are so pleased that the winter blizzard of the century has mostly missed Washington DC.  Yes, voice writers, digital court reporters and stenographers all woke up today pleased to see they could make their way to their court reporting depositions and arbitrations in Washington DC. Many state north of the great city of DC were not so lucky. Many parts of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York and Rhode Island got up over 20 inches from this monster storm.

Snow ranged in levels throughout New York from 9.8 inches at Central Park in New York City to more than 28 inches on Long Island. While Boston was pounded with 20.8 inches, Massachusetts got hit with 32.5 inches of snow. The court reporters that live in these cities are going to lose days of work due to the massive storm. They are all wishing the were Washington DC court reporters and not stuck in the snow.

The winter can be a big challenge for lawyers looking for Washington DC court reporters since the weather can often times shut down public transportation and roads in the great city. This makes it almost impossible for the court reporters to make it to the depositions or arbitrations. Just a few weeks ago Washington DC was hit by several days of sever snow that shut down the subway system and made getting around a huge challenge for Washington DC court reporters. Many never made it to their assignments on time and some didn’t make it at all.

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